Two takes on “Death of a Messenger”


Paige Evers '22 and Becca Koch '22

Becca’s Mini Review:
Robert McCaw did the unimaginable- make a murder mystery set in the present day that I actually enjoyed. This book was definitely far out of what I normally would pick up, but it sounded interesting nonetheless. It was an incredible decision. McCaw created a story that was so vivid with such amazing characters that it seemed to blur the line between fiction and reality. I was also extremely impressed by the sheer amount of different topics that were put into the book. Everything from Hawaiian sovereignty, astronomy, and black market trading made an appearance. Since most members of the audience are not familiar with many of these topics, McCaw added in enough background information to give a working knowledge of the subject, while also incorporating all of the different pieces into one seamless story. I rate this book an 8/10. The plot was fast moving. I would say that certain parts of the book can be particularly gory, however, it is a murder mystery so that is to be expected. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fast paced action books and realistic fiction.

Paige’s Mini Review:
Death of A Messenger by Robert McCaw is an eerie murder mystery that soon turned Hawaiian human sacrifice ritual. The book rather action packed and gory, describing every single detail even if it’s one you particularly may not want to hear. The characters had great stories and amazing little details that made them all unique, which made them really come to life. I think the book did an excellent job explaining Hawaiian culture, and I was most intrigued by it. The other thing that I found captivating was the black market trading as it almost seems unreal and I have to pinch myself to remember that it actually exists. In all, I rate this book a 4/10 because although I enjoyed the storyline, I did not find myself enjoying the book. Typically, I love face paced action books, but for some reason this book did not do anything for me. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in murder mysteries.