A holiday perspective

Working together, spreading hope

The Tower

The end of the year and the holiday season marks another time where COVID-19 has left people scrambling to find alternatives to their normal plans. With the extension of some Michigan regulations and the reopening of some entertainment venues, the majority of Michiganders will be celebrating a little differently this year.

We at The Tower believe that this holiday break will be a great time for people to refocus on what’s happening around them and for students to prepare for a different second semester. While the pandemic has not ended, we are starting to see some encouraging indications that we are moving in the right direction.

COVID-19 cases in Michigan have begun to consistently drop each day since Thanksgiving time, a promising fact following the long period of rapid spread in Michigan. With the holiday season approaching, more and more gatherings will start to occur, and it is important that we continue to be safe in everything we do.

Students’ Christmas breaks will look especially different given the pandemic as well. We urge our classmates to be reasonable in the interactions you have. We understand that seeing friends and participating in activities is a great way to try to stay mentally sound, but we do have to consider and mitigate the risks associated. A lot of people see family around this time, and we want to minimize the possibility of spreading COVID-19.

Governor Whitmer has allowed high schools to reopen for in-person learning at the discretion of the districts. Given our own district’s loose plan to return for the second semester, it looks like we will be back in school in some capacity soon. We are very excited at the opportunity to return to a more traditional learning environment, but we still have to ensure safety for those attending.

Admittedly, we have little control over what happens regarding our schooling, but there are things that we have the ability to influence. Another large spread in Grosse Pointe will make it hard on the district to consider reopening. We believe that students being careful over the next weeks to avoid possibly spreading the virus locally will be very important in our effort to return.

In an educational sense, a hybrid format will be a very different level of effort compared to online. We know that less-than-ideal habits have formed for a lot of students, so we urge you to try to get back into some of your old routines before we return. This is going to be a big transition, so getting ahead now will only help in the long run.

All in all, we are looking at and experiencing a vastly different holiday season and upcoming year than ever before. We urge you to be conscious of your decisions and to try to eliminate risk of spreading the virus in your holiday gatherings. We at The Tower are thrilled to continue to move towards normalcy, but we must remember that it will take a group effort to achieve that.