S-lot parking passes available for seniors


Tara Cole '21, Media Manager

A perk of being a senior is having the opportunity to obtain a parking spot in the S-lot. With the new hybrid schedule, students are still able to take full advantage of this privilege.

Just like previous years, students who filled out a parking permit earlier this year will have prioritized parking.

According to assistant principal Cynthia Parravano, the cost of a parking permit has been reduced for this year only.

“The regular cost for a parking permit for the semester is $50, however this year it has been changed to only $10,” Parravano said.

According to Parravano, parking permits will be handed out on January 20th, 21st, and 22nd in the library.

“We will be using two different stickers for the different cohorts and students will be able to park in the S-lot during their scheduled class time,” Parravano said.

Secretary Heidi Hannan said that under the hybrid schedule they are able to accommodate twice the number of seniors because of the reduced number of students on campus at one time.

“There are enough parking spaces for all 2021 seniors who completed their parking applications, including the signed agreement and parking fee as of October 2020,” Hannan said. “These seniors submitted all of their parking application information on time and will therefore receive their hybrid decal and will receive parking priority.”

According to Hannan, if the district pivots from hybrid learning to full-time face-to-face learning, these students will continue to have access to their assigned space.

Adrienne Byarski ‘21 said she thinks the hybrid schedule could possibly reduce the chaos of parking in the S-lot.

“I also parked in the S-lot last year, and due to the fact that there are fewer kids with the new hybrid schedule I believe parking will be a lot less hectic,” Byarski said.