Arctic Monkeys diversifies with “Live at the Royal Albert Hall”

Mairin Heimbuch , Staff Writer

Arctic Monkeys, an English rock band consisting of four men, recently dropped their sixth studio album called “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” released on Dec. 4, 2020. The record includes a total of 20 songs and totals to be one hour and 26 minutes long.

The interesting thing about this album is that all proceeds from the release of it will go to the charity called “War Child,” in order to help support the work they do in protecting and educating children who have experienced the trauma of conflict and war. The title of their album stemmed from the day they had a show at London’s Royal Albert Hall, where all the money collected from that night was donated to this charity.

Every song I listened to in this album was unique in different ways. Some may have been more upbeat than others or may have been more focused on the instruments than the actual singing. What caught my attention right away, was the fact that every song on this album was recorded at a live concert. This included the cheering from the crowd in the background, which made me feel like I was there listening with everyone.

My favorite song in the album was definitely “Do I Wanna Know.” I had heard this song from “Tiktok,” which helped to make this song super popular in a short amount of time. The cheering in the very beginning paired with the loud electric guitar gave off really cool vibes. That started the song off with a bang, and it only got better from there. As I kept listening, I noticed that more and more instruments were being added, which kept the song entertaining and catchy.

The rest of the songs in this album were all catchy, with none of them disappointing. I would rate this album a solid 9/10 because every song had its own unique vibe. I also really enjoyed how the band decided to use the songs that were recorded live from their concerts. I appreciate the fact that there’s no autotune, and that there’s cheering in the background. This kept the vibe fun and upbeat throughout listening.