Ariana Grande’s album ‘Positions’ is a major stepping stone

Xavier Prater '21, Photographer

Grammy award winning artist Ariana Grande released her sixth studio album ‘Positions’ on Oct. 30. The album is an ode to sensuality and her experience as a young woman navigating the harsh realities of love. This body of work is a very different sound than Grande’s other pop centered albums as the inspiration for this piece was R&B focused.

The first track ‘Shut Up’ opens up with beautiful strings and mesmerizing harmonies. Grande’s use of layering and blending vocals worked extremely well with the strings. The artist focused on her growth from past behaviors with her lyrics and did an overall amazing job in the creation of this intro.

The strings make a return alongside bouncy 808’s in the second track of the album with a song titled “34+35.” Singing about her desires and fantasies, Grande surprised me in the best way with this track. I absolutely adore her growth into the young woman she has become. Breaking out of the child star category into a young independent superstar has been incredibly pleasing to watch.

One of the best tracks on the album is ‘Just Like Magic’ where Grande sings about her spiritual growth and how abundant yet humble she has become since the death of her boyfriend and late rapper Mac Miller. Crediting his guidance as a positive force in her life, she speaks about the “Love letters to heaven” she sends. This song is so beautiful and I genuinely believe that music has been her therapy in helping her deal with Miller’s passing in 2018.

Track five ‘Off The Table’ is hands down my favorite song on the entire album. On this record Ariana Grande and The Weeknd join forces in creating a ballad about continuing with love after the loss of one’s soulmate. The Weeknd’s voice complements Grande’s whistle tones in the absolute best way. I have listened to this track over 45 times since the release of the album and will continue to do so. This song will make you feel as if you’re floating above the sea on a cloud overlooking the beauty of crashing waves.

Many people have been making their top 14 lists for the album all over twitter since the debut of ‘Positions.’ If I had to pick my top three tracks from this beautiful body of work I would have to say ‘Off The Table’, ‘Safety Net’ and ‘Nasty’ are the best pieces out of all 14 tracks.

We have to talk about ‘Nasty.’ This song is addicting. Grande begins the song with layered whistle tones and a hard hitting base that makes you feel as if you’re getting dressed and ready to go see your boyfriend before a long night of quality time. This song definitely makes me feel like the baddest in the room. She did what she had to do! Miss Mariah could never!

‘Positions’ is undeniably a stepping stone in the singer’s career in the sense of establishing her place as an icon in the music industry. I predict this album will be nominated for a Grammy in the upcoming year. Grande solidified her place as a genuine talent with this album and I cannot wait to see what else she has to offer with future albums.