Online Learning Q&A

River Kraus

Due to COVID-19 many schools have been switched to online learning. At Grosse Pointe South people have been either upset or ok with the idea of online learning. A couple students from each grade were interviewed to see how they feel about online. “Online is difficult and was hard to adjust to the different scenery,” Freshman, Hayden Crane says. “ I think that not only me but my subordinates could do better in school because you can get more help and I like going to school because I can see all my friends.” Crane also mentions that he wouldn’t care if we had to wear masks. He just wants to go back. “At first I liked online school cause we didn’t do as much work, but now it’s starting to get repetitive,” Sophomore, Harry Wright says. “It is really annoying having to sit at home all day. Wright feels as if online school is making him more lazy. “Online school is a roller coaster of emotions,” Junior, Jake Spitz says. “I get stressed out at times, but most teachers are there for support and are easily reachable.” “Online learning for me is more laid back because I can wake up at 8:30 and be more than ready to go to class. Senior, David Rivard says. “The downsides are how we can’t see each other face to face and it is harder to pay attention during online zoom classes. Rivard adds that he wants to be able to see his friends more in school.