Gorillaz’s best album yet, “Song Machine, Season One: Strange Times”

Mairin Heimbuch '21, Staff Writer

Gorillaz, a british virtual band consisting of four animated members, recently released their seventh studio album, “Song Machine, Season One: Strange Times” on Oct. 23. The album includes a total of 17 songs, and is one hour and five minutes in total.

The album is a web series consisting of a collection of singles and music videos, known as “episodes,” each featuring different guest artists. Many different types of genres are included in this album, such as punk rock, synth-pop, electronic, bossa nova, downtempo, and R&B.

This album is interesting because of the fact that there’s not always singing. Sometimes the songs consist of simply just instruments, like in “Detroit.” I liked this song a lot, specifically because it was up-beat from beginning to end, and brought good vibes. The instruments were unique and had a nice tempo, making it easy to vibe to.

My favorite songs in this album were “Pac-Man,” featuring ScHoolboy Q, and the song “The Pink Phantom,” featuring Elton John and 6LACK.

“Pac-Man” was different from the rest because it started off pretty mellow, and continued with calm and positive vibes until the middle. There was a sudden shift that gave off a more hype, upbeat vibe to it, and this shift lasted all the way to the end with rapping. “The Pink Phantom” was one of my favorite songs in the album, because it had a fun and soft beat, putting me in a relaxed mood.

All of the other songs in this album had their own unique vibe, which made things interesting throughout listening. I would rate the album a 8/10, because it was very solid overall. I didn’t dislike any of the songs, but I’ve heard better albums by other rappers, which is why I rated it an 8/10. For Gorillaz, I think this was definitely their best album yet.