Lil Tecca offers little variety in “Virgo Wolrd”

Mairin Heimbuch '21, Staff Writer

American rapper Lil Tecca recently dropped his debut studio album, “Virgo World,” on September 18. The album features several well-known artists, such as Lil Uzi Vert, Polo G, Skrillex, Lil Durk and NAV. His album includes 19 songs, and totals just over 45 minutes long.
Lil Tecca is a Virgo, having recently turned 18 on Aug. 26, and believes in using astrology as an inspiration for his music. He takes pride in his identity, and always tries to create a perfect world around him. Lil Tecca can be really optimistic, but there are times when he’s not. Whatever the case is, he makes sure to give everything his all.
All of the songs on this album are upbeat and rhythmic. They are definitely good choices to listen to when you feel like partying. Although they’re very hype, some of his songs’ sound is overpowered with autotune. Lil Tecca also raps off-beat at some points, which makes it difficult to enjoy the music.
In the song “Tic Toc,” the lyrics and instruments don’t match up at all. This was really distracting and got annoying after listening to it for over a minute. Although he may have intended to do this, I would’ve preferred a stronger flow. This inconsistent beat ultimately took away from the meaning behind the lyrics in the song.
One fault about Lil Tecca is that he doesn’t usually rap to tell a story for his listeners. He doesn’t reveal who he really is with his lyrics, making himself more of a mystery. Most of his songs on this album have random lyrics that at times didn’t make much sense to me. In fact, there was only one song that I heard where he revealed more of himself and his struggles. In “Insecurities,” Lil Tecca sings with more heart and tells a story. This is a nice change, because instead of singing pointless lyrics, he decided to show some vulnerability and relate to his audience.
I enjoyed the songs with featured artists more than the ones of solely Lil Tecca. The featured artists made the repetitive-sounding songs more interesting with new voices. I especially liked “When You Down,” featuring Polo G and Lil Durk. This song had a chill but catchy beat, along with good lyrics from Polo G. As a rapper, he’s known for telling a story in his lyrics, and Polo G continued to do so in this song, keeping me engaged.
Overall, the songs in “Virgo World” are all upbeat, but there’s not much variety throughout them. I would rate this album a 5/10, because there are definitely things that need to be worked on, but I think there’s some improvement here compared to his other albums.