Yellow Light Coffee and Donuts Review


Tanner Sell '23

The atmosphere of Yellow Light Coffee and Donuts was absolutely fantastic for being a drive-thru only restaurant due to COVID-19. The staff was not only incredibly friendly, but also welcoming. I felt like regardless of the situation, the small shop was enthusiastic to provide a good experience.

The menu offered a plethora of mouth-watering breakfast and lunch options. I was almost upset that I couldn’t try them all, each dish sounding more and more scrumptious as my eyes traced further down the menu. I was delighted when my two donuts, a chocolate frosted and a blueberry glazed, arrived still warm signifying their fresh quality. The flavors bounced off my tongue and were complemented beautifully by the rich house blend coffee I ordered. The food was overall well made and its taste reflected the fresh quality.

I’d definitely recommend this location to anyone looking to expand their donut horizons. Their diverse options tasted just as great as they looked, and the price was not anything to complain about. I also appreciated the fact that due to the pandemic, this restaurant was drive-through only, taking the precautions to make sure all customers are safe and satisfied.