Rechartering clubs

Getting clubs at GPS started this year


Aleena Siddiqui , Page Editor

With the start of the new school year, South’s selection of clubs and activities is being refreshed.
New student activities director Melissa Petz said clubs are being rechartered to make sure the selection is heightened to student interests. Petz said there have been various email blasts sent out in order to achieve this.
“Students should have received a form through email and Schoology from either myself or Ms. Parravano,” Petz said. “There’s a link, and everything can be filled out on a Google Form. Then when you submit it, I get an alert and begin looking it over. The same process goes for if a student wants to start a new club.”
Petz said the importance of clubs hasn’t diminished despite virtual learning
“I encourage students to get these clubs going,” Petz said. “Students can meet outside after 3:05 in our tents or virtually. I think clubs are an important part of the school and clubs should continue to meet with social distancing and masks.”