Advice from Tower past

Julia Ambrozy '20, Page Editor

As my time here at South and being a member of The Tower comes to an end, I have had plenty of time to think about all the memories. Especially the things I learned from being a part of something so fun.
I want to thank Tower as a whole for giving me an experience throughout my time at high school that I will never forget. I learned many skills someone heading into the real world will need. for the future and that is all thanks to my fellow Tower staff and our adviser. But the one thing I really will miss the most is all the memories I have made here on staff and that is what I want to reflect on the most.
I’ve made some of my best high school memories in The Tower room and have also met some of my best friends on staff.
One of the most memorable will be the fall MIPA conference in Lansing. Being able to spend the day with my closest friends, learning new things in the classes, but also meeting people and eating at the Nuthouse, will be the main highlights. To the boys in the Patagonia and Vineyard Vines, your dearest ladies, Lauren and I, miss you dearly and thank you for making MIPA a great time. My advice to the girls on staff going to MIPA– take the sports class. You will not regret it.
I want to mention the back of The Tower room for giving me some of the greatest memories from school that I have experienced. From witnessing Lauren croaking in the back corner with a deathly stomach ache while a serious leadership meeting with administration was occuring in the front room to taking weekly “Fri-yay” pics with some of my new friends that I have made on staff this year.
I cannot forget to thank Edge for allowing me to spend my sixth hour tutorial in the Tower room to work on my pages, but most importantly, to build my friendships with Michael Hamilton, better known as ‘Big Mike’ and Lauren Nemeh especially. Those endless sixth hour Tower classes were spent working, but also allowed for purchases to USA Hockey games. That goes for another thanks– to MaxPreps from yours truly, Lauren and Julia.
To my lifelong friend and fellow three year page editor Lauren Nemeh, you have made every year of Tower one for the books.I can’t forget to mention all the years of us together in middle school prior to being together at South. To all of our mid class Facetime calls, double lunches, weekend recaps, post gym drives and every other moment spent in Tower and out, you have made my high school experience one I won’t forget.
Another girl who made my Tower experience so memorable is one of my best friends, Riley Ptashnik. Riley and I met in class my junior year, and have become inseparable since. From weekly Tower delivery TikToks, late deadlines to back table talks for when we were “going through it”, she has become a huge part of my life, all thanks to Tower.
The only times we were really apart were when Imran had to seperate us, and those never worked very well.
To my EIC’s this year, Anne Muawad and (Sire) Imran Siddiqui, and my fellow page editors, I want to thank you for being so accepting of my energetic and crazy self that you have all had to deal with this year and the past. You all make every deadline and moment spent together a great one, especially when we form a page editor revolt.
I have more memories that, unfortunately, can’t be shared into detail, but to those interested, joining Tower will give you many memories of your own that you will remember for a lifetime, with many fun perks like the holiday parties, trips down to the principal’s office and paper plate awards such as “I only date TikTok boys” and “Curbstomper”. The one thing I do not recommend is bringing a jersey to the Christmas party in case things “get crazy”. So I want to give one last thank you to the Tower staff, new and old, who made my experience so memorable.
Yours truly, Julia.