New Student Association treasurer looks forward to creating dynamic environment

Aaron Vyletel '21, Staff Writer

Student Association is an interactive club that helps plan big events like homecoming as well as set up things like the float parties. The club also provides leadership opportunities to students who wish to run for a position.

Maria Lianos ‘21 decided she would run for treasurer because she has been involved in the club for as long as possible and wishes to extend her help as much as she can.

“I chose to run because I love being involved and I only wanted to increase that for my final year,” Lianos said.

There are many positions to choose from and all of them hold different responsibilities. Lianos decided treasurer would be the right choice for her.

“I ran for treasurer because I knew no one else was running and while I wanted to be involved, I do not always have time to take up a bigger position,” Lianos said.

Being a part of the student association is a big enough time commitment already so running for a leadership position can be tough, Lianos said. The treasurer has a lot to deal with and keep track of.

“The treasurer takes in receipts from students who purchased SA event items or food, and makes sure they get reimbursed from the district,” Lianos said. “All the finance of weekly bagels and other add-ons also go through the treasurer.”

There are not a lot of new things the treasurer can bring into the year- the job is pretty well outlined. This can allow for a focus on other things and activities that go on in the club every year, according to Lianos.

“My plans for SA include getting to know as many members as possible and try to recruit more people. Most of all just add to the dynamic and help in any way possible.” Lianos said.