Opinion: Cooking provides bonding, outlet for creativity during isolation

Marcus Boddy '20, Staff Writer

Cooking is one of the most underrated activities, in my opinion. Everyone eats, but not everyone spends time making and crafting delicacies for themselves. After getting tired of eating cereal during quarantine, I decided that I wanted to try something new. After all, I had a whole kitchen of tools and food to work with, and I didn’t have to just settle for the same food day after day.

My first cooking idea was a breakfast burrito. The idea of a burrito is simple: a tortilla with some filling. Since it was a breakfast burrito I wanted, I figured that cooking an egg, along with some diced onions and sausage would really bring out the flavor. In addition, I added some cheese and some salt and pepper to round out the burrito. Overall, I definitely liked eating something with more complex flavor than just milk and cereal again. As I also came to discover, I really enjoyed making the food. It mattered a lot to me that I spent time cooking and dicing and preparing my own dish, and overseeing the whole process was a lot of fun.

Burritos weren’t the only thing I made, though. My sister loves to bake, and I decided I would join her one day. Together, we made brownies in the oven. It was very delicious to have a sweet treat, and it was even more delicious to know that I got to bake them together with my sister. Cooking doesn’t have to be a solo activity, and it can be lots of fun to cook with your family.

As the quarantine wears on, I continue to find new dishes to try and make in the kitchen. It’s challenging and interesting to make myself come up with something new and something healthy to eat every day. I’m glad I decided to cook more often, instead of taking the lazy way out. Cereal isn’t bad, but it’s a tired idea for me as the quarantine continues. Cooking has also made me aware of the different foods and how to balance them in a healthy way, and it feels rewarding to me when I go step by step in the cooking process to make something enjoyable and healthy. For me, I think cooking is an important skill that I want to continue expanding, even when the quarantine ends.