Opinion: Drive to Survive is the perfect formula for those who crave speed

Aaron Vyletel '21, Staff Writer

Netflix’s TV series “ Formula 1 Drive to Survive” is an intense show that takes a deep dive into the behind-the-scenes action of one of the world’s most popular and dangerous sports. Formula 1 racing is a mostly untouched sport in the United States, so getting a first-hand look at what goes into the sport creates a new appreciation for it.

Netflix captures not only the pandemonium during the races themselves, but what the drivers must endure throughout their careers. There is a reason the title of the show is “Drive to Survive”; the cutthroat business forces drivers to be on top of their game every day.

The series narrows its focus to highlight a few individual racing companies and key athletes that have particularly compelling stories. Netflix producers masterfully weave together stories documenting the business of Formula 1 with the driving itself. Characters are developed through interviews and are able to show their true colors with footage in the driver’s seat during the races.

There are only 21 races in the entire year, so the stakes are just as high as the nerves of the racers. 10 teams compete with two racers per team, creating a 20 person field lining up for each race. The show outstandingly integrates each team and athlete into every episode, so there is never a truly dull moment.

The show is two seasons long to include the 2018 and 2019 race seasons. The first season provides an introduction to the key characters and the structure of the sport itself. The producers show you how big each racing team is and how many people must work together for 21 races. The first season was a perfect set up for the intense second season.

Dramatic behavior and crumbling careers make the second season so hectic that it is hard to watch two episodes in one sitting. Netflix takes a look into the crazy lifestyle of the premier drivers and their routines.

Throughout the show, viewers are left wanting to drive to the nearest go-kart track and pursue a career in racing. The show glorifies the athletes and showcases the money, fame, and intensity of the sport. Since there are 21 races, the athletes are constantly traveling around the world to places like Australia, Singapore and Europe.

Overall, Netflix’s show “Formula 1 Drive to Survive” is an in-depth representation of a world unfamiliar to many American citizens. By documenting the engineering, business, sport, and parties that go into each Formula 1 season, the show has something for everyone and leaves viewers hooked.