The Weeknd impresses again

After Hours was released on March 20, 2020.

After Hours was released on March 20, 2020.

GIa Agosta '21, Page Editor

This past Friday, March 20, the Weeknd released his highly-anticipated album “After Hours”. Since his last “big” release of music was in 2018 with “My Dear Melancholy,” fans like me have been waiting for this album drop for a very long time. Let me say that I was not disappointed.

“After Hours” features every aspect of the Weeknd’s voice and emotion as physically possible. While he has a handful of upbeat songs, there are others that reflect the earlier stages of the Weeknd, similar to his “Trilogy” era (his first album, a collection of three of his earliest mixtapes). There’s heartbreak, regret and lust in his voice, and I think “Repeat After Me (Interlude)” and “Scared to Live” showcase this best. Compared to other albums, it doesn’t sound as if his pain comes from a lot of anger; rather, it is regretful in nature.

Another thing I love about this album is that it doesn’t sound exactly like any of his other works. While they share similarities as I previously mentioned, I think each album he has released reflects something else that goes on in his life. “After Hours”, to me, seems like a new chapter of The Weeknd’s life where he experiences life trying to pick up the pieces of his past relationships in order to let go. The songs show a more vulnerable side of him as he opens up to all of his emotions.

The album definitely takes a lot of 80’s inspiration in its rhythms. I hear this the most in “In Your Eyes,” as it features the synthesizer mixed with bass and other thrilling beats. The more upbeat songs make me want to get up and dance like I’m in some sort of music video.

So far, some of my favorites on the album so far include “Too Late”, “Save Your Tears”, “In Your Eyes” and “Faith”. I feel like they completely encapsulate the reason I fell in love with the Weeknd’s music in the first place. His voice is capable of evoking so much emotion– his music is much different from a lot of other artists I listen to. The Weeknd is incredibly talented, and that adds to the amazingness of “After Hours.”

Overall, I’d recommend this album to absolutely anyone I could. This R&B album is sweeping and sentimental, while also being thrilling and exciting to listen to. The Weeknd has impressed me once again.