5 things you may have missed this week

Sophia Fowler ’22, Copy Editor

1. Biden still leads in democratic delegate count- Empty debate audiences and pandemics won’t stop Former Vice President Joe Biden or Senator Bernie Sanders from going head-to-head in the 2020 Democratic Candidate race. According to the New York Times, on Tuesday, March 17, three states voted heavily in Biden’s favor, with those being Arizona, Florida and Illinois. Biden currently leads the democratic delegate count with 1,201, while Sanders is behind with 896.
2. Starbucks and McDonald’s aim to end plastic usage- Fast-food retailers Starbucks and McDonald’s recently partnered together to help put a stop to plastic. The two partnered together creating NextGen Consortium in hopes of creating NextGen Cup, an alternative that aims to replace 250 billion plastic cups yearly. According to Good News Network, both companies have been actively working with designers to compose a way to end the plastic mark on our planet.
3. New biking and hiking paths will be developed in Southeast Michigan- $6.5 million will be used to create new alternative transport paths around the Metro Detroit area. Local 4 News reports the funding will come from the Transportation Alternatives Program, a sector of funding from the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments. Funds are planned to be split across a dozen locations to improve and create new biking and trail paths for citizens to use.
4. Florida dog found in Michigan- A dog from Florida who had been missing for months was recently found 1,400 miles away from home in Michigan. Simba, a Canary mastiff, was found just north of Flint in Mount Morris Township. According to the Associated Press, Kris Gibson, a good samaritan, lured Simba in using treats and later took him to a veterinary hospital where he was chipped. That was when it was discovered Simba had made it that far from home.
5. Governor Whitmer and President Trump have heated Twitter exchanges- President Donald Trump recently called out Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer regarding her response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Governor Whitmer responded to his tweet that claimed she needed to be “much more proactive” with a list of steps and rules she has enforced within the state, in order to stop the spread. The list included closing all K-12 schools, prohibiting public gathering of more than 50 people and expanding unemployment benefits during this time.