Comeback Coffeehouse: Postponed event rescheduled


Josie Monahan '20 and Billy Vogel '21 perform during last year's Coffeehouse. The event has previously been held during the holidays but was moved to March this year. Photo by Victoria Gardey '20.

Aleena Siddiqui '22, Page Editor

The annual Coffeehouse fundraiser is for the first time to be hosted by the freshman class.

According to freshman class president Caroline Jeup ’23, the event which features acts of singing, poetry and music is a fundraiser that directly supports their class.

“We put all the money we earn towards prom, homecoming, and any other events our class does,” Jeup said.

A lot goes into planning such a large-scale event according to freshman class vice president Jacob Ashkar ’23.

“For Coffeehouse, one of the most important things is getting the word out,” Ashkar said. “A lot of our energy goes towards advertising for the event. Another thing is to make sure we have someone to supply the coffee.”

As it was previously hosted by last year’s graduating class, adviser Katie Parent is the person that the council turns to with questions.

“If they have questions about what the event looks like or who they should be talking to, they bring those questions to me,” Parent said. “However, I tried to only step in when they have questions so that they are running the majority of the event themselves.”

Students may remember that in the past Coffeehouse has run during the wintertime. Parent says that the holiday time was just too busy that it would not have been as successful running then.

“Winter, and specifically Christmas-time, is a really busy time for performing arts, and so we just had a lot of conflicts with the performing arts calendar,” Parent said. “Especially since the event is naturally geared toward performing arts people, we want to make sure that we’re maximizing our audience and our participation.”

With the postponing of the event, auditions are to be held through the beginning of March, Jeup said.

“Auditions are normally two days, sometimes three if we need an extra day, and are held in the room between the choir and band room,” Jeup said. “There are student judges who listen to your audition. We try not to cut anyone unless we really really need to.”

Coffeehouse allows students a chance to watch their friends and peers perform according to Ashkar.

“If you are free Mar. 13, stop by with your friends to enjoy a fun evening,” Ashkar said.