NoorJahan provides delicious food despite off-putting atmosphere


Kate Weidig

The butter chicken from Noor Jahan, a good affordable meal.

Kate Weidig, Staff Writer

NoorJahan, a restaurant which combines traditional Indian cuisine with a western influence, opened its doors in Grosse Pointe Woods on Dec. 21. Immediately walking in, I was perplexed by the decor and color scheme. The room was a mix of vibes as a glass chandelier hung next to velvet blue chairs contrasted with about five black, cheap wooden tables and chairs. The red and yellow painted walls reflected the light and created a very bright atmosphere, a little blinding to be honest.

The employees were very welcoming and seemed to be excited to promote their restaurant. I got to choose my own seat as one of the workers grabbed a paper menu for me. I also received a complimentary bottled water while I scanned through the three page menu. The setting was very busy as multiple people ran in and out of the establishment, paying and picking up their take-out food.

The menu was very diverse, ranging from appetizers, soups, salads, lamb and chicken specials, seafood, vegetables and desserts as well as specialized drinks.

I ordered the cheese naan bread, $2.50, a flavored clay oven-baked bread. I was a little confused when the waiter came to my table with the bread wrapped in aluminum foil without plates or silverware at my table. However, I don’t think this is a big deal because the restaurant does not advertise or promote the idea of a fine-dining experience. I was expecting a lot more flavor and was disappointed when it did not fulfill my expectations. The bread was very soft and warm but did not have much flavor. I ended up using the bread to dip in the sauce of my main course.

I ordered the butter chicken, $12.99, and gulab jamun, $1.49, for dessert. The service was very fast and it only took 10 minutes for my food to arrive at my table. The chicken was very flavorful and the meat was tender and easy to eat- cooked to perfection. The dinner was served in a plastic container and I was handed a black plastic plate with plastic silverware. The sauce was extremely creamy, however it was a little oily and greasy- it still tasted really good. I also received a complementary side of rice which was pretty basic in terms of flavor, but still paired nicely with the dinner. It was $12.99, which I think is fairly priced because it was very filling.

I had never tried gulab jamun before attending this restaurant and I’m still on the edge of how I feel about it. It was served in a small plastic container. Presentation wise, it did not look appealing as it resembled a wet tim-bit. I wouldn’t order this dessert again because it was too sugary and tasted like a sugary sponge.

Overall, the customer service was excellent as the worker checked on me frequently, even though they were busy with handling other people’s orders. I would definitely order food from there again, however I would much rather eat in the comfort of my own home because the setting was a little off-putting and too chaotic for me. The food is reasonably priced and is a perfect option if you want quick and filling comfort food. I rate NoorJahan an 8/10.