Better Health café gives fresh a new meaning


Photo courtesy of Gia Agosta ’21

Gia Agosta '21, Page Editor

Better Health Cafe peaked my interest after seeing many of my peers post pictures of their delicious-looking acai bowls on their stories. The deep purple acai topped with sliced bananas, loads of granola, bright strawberries and juicy blueberries practically begged me to try the cafe, so I did.
Located in the back of the Better Health market on Mack, the cafe had a much larger selection of meals than I would have imagined, ranging anywhere from flatbreads to wraps and juices. Looking at the menu, there were a few acai bowls I could choose from. They were all quite similar just with different fruit selections or toppings. In addition to the wide variety of choices, the workers at the cafe were very kind and assisting.
I expected my bowl to be way overpriced, since it was coming from a health market, but to my surprise, it ended up being $6.
I ate my bowl in the designated dining area close to the registers. It was a cute area of scattered tables and chairs that my friend and I felt very comfortable in. The tables look out to the parking lot so the room was as bright as it was outside, providing a very nice atmosphere to be eating in.
I was delighted, as I took my first bite, that the bowl tasted just as good as it looked. The acai was the perfect consistency; not too smoothie-like, but also not chunky. The fruit atop the bowl was some of the freshest fruit I’ve probably ever tasted, bursting with flavor after each bite I took. It wasn’t overbearingly sweet either, and I felt like I was eating something that is actually good for me.
Overall, I would recommend Better Health Cafe to any of my friends. It is the perfect spot to get a great tasting snack or meal that makes you feel good after eating it. While I only tried the acai bowl, I am excited to divulge in the rest of their menu in the future.