Opinion: Sounds of the Season does not disappoint

Victoria Gardey '20, Online Editor-in-Chief

The tap-dancing Santas perform during Dec. 5’s Sounds of the Season concert. The tap dancers are a tradition at this concert.

Somehow I made it through nearly four years of high school without ever going to a choir concert. What a mistake.

Walking into the North Performing Arts Center, I planned to stay and usher for the Sounds of the Season concert for only my required hour for NHS. Nearly three hours later, I left completely in the holiday spirit, countless songs stuck in my head, and wishing I had joined choir freshman year.

From the very first Santa hat-clad dancer I saw entering the stage, I was captivated. The show had constant high energy and I don’t think I was the only person who was ready to jump out of my seat and start dancing right alongside the choirs.

I particularly enjoyed seeing all of the choir dresses and costumes I had only ever seen hanging outside of the MPR. The variety of different Christmas-themed outfits in the first number was festive enough to put any Scrooge into the holiday spirit. From Santa outfits to ugly sweaters to reindeer antlers, I was content just looking at all the different outfits. Then add singing and dancing to the equation and I was converted. Why had I never gone to these concerts before?

I was so impressed by all of the different solos. I truly was astounded by the talent of my peers. It was an awesome experience to see people I sit next to every day in class really coming of their shells and pouring their hearts into the performance.

The choir ends out their concert with choir alumni joining them on stage, as is the tradition for the last songs of the Sounds of the Season concert. Photos by Victoria Gardey ’20.

A highlight of the night for much of the audience, myself included, was the tap-dancing Santas. I love tap dancing, but something about 8 Santas twirling across the stage made me enjoy it even more.

My favorite song of the night was The Pointe Singer’s rendition of “Oh Holy Night.” I had always heard about the Pointe Singers but until now I never really heard them. I was beyond impressed. Their talent was unmatched and honestly quite moving.

New for this year was a sing-along of classic Christmas carols with the audience. Although I am no singer myself, I enjoyed this part of the concert thoroughly and, as evidenced by slightly off-key, but enthusiastic renditions so did the rest of the audience.

By the end of the concert, I was eager to join in the standing ovation for the choirs and quite pleased with what started as an NHS service project, only feeling a bit regretful that I never joined choir. It was one of the best shows I have seen in a long time and I know I for one will definitely be at the next choir concert. I would highly recommend the next show for anyone looking to be blown away by talent and swept into a winter wonderland of holiday cheer.

The last show of Sounds of the Season is Dec. 7 at 2 p.m. at the North Performing Arts Center.