Dreaming of a sandy Christmas: Student shares traveling tradition

Cam Buhler '21, Staff Writer

Spending the holidays in the coldness of Michigan is the reality for most students at South. Many of us wish for a white Christmas, but are usually sadly left with cold and dry weather. However, for William Sine ‘21, his worries for the holiday consists of how cold the ocean is and if there’s any chance of rain.

According to Sine, he and his family have spent their Christmas in Florida for as long as he can remember.

“I’m just so used to spending my Christmas in Florida because I’ve pretty much spent all of my Christmases there,” Sine said. “It would honestly be weird if I wasn’t there during the holidays.”

According to Sine, it’s hard to get sick of being in Florida every year due to the amount of things you can do there during the holidays.

“Every year me and my family find something fun to do,” Sine said. “In the past we have gone to water parks and wakeboarding parks. Also it’s nice to just chill and relax in the warm weather instead of being stuck in the cold of Michigan.”

Although he’s enjoying himself in Florida, sometimes while being away on break, you can feel like you’re missing out on fun stuff with your friends back home, according to Sine.

“Sometimes I’ll look on my phone and see my friends having fun at home and feel some FOMO (Fear of Missing Out),” Sine said. “But, I’m also having fun where I am, so it’s all good.”

Sine is preparing to leave for another Christmas in Florida. He plans to continue spending his holidays there for several years to come. According to Sine, he can’t wait to get down to the warm weather already and just have fun.