Be thankful for Thanksgiving before looking to Christmas

The results from a Tower Pulse instagram poll taken Nov. 20.

The results from a Tower Pulse instagram poll taken Nov. 20.

Cam Buhler '22, Staff Writer

Getting in the “Christmas spirit” before Thanksgiving has become a common reality for many people. In my opinion, celebrating Christmas too early is strictly wrong and personally irritating.

I don’t believe that beginning to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving is right due to the fact that it’s still so far away. Starting to play Christmas music and putting up decorations sure does put you in a good mood, but then you remember how far the holiday really is and how you still haven’t made it through Thanksgiving dinner yet. To keep it brief: celebrate one holiday before moving onto the next. I hate to be a Scrooge, and I love Christmas, but it’s just annoying when people are getting ready for the holiday and I haven’t even eaten my turkey dinner yet.

According to an Instagram poll taken on Nov. 20, 64 percent of South students think it isn’t too early to start celebrating Christmas. This proves how many people at South are already in the holiday spirit. I think it might be a smart idea to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving before you open up the Christmas selection on Netflix.

All in all, it’s up to you when you start celebrating Christmas, as long as you aren’t in my face about it. Personally, my rule has always been to begin getting in the holiday spirit the day after Thanksgiving. This lets you move on from from one holiday to the next with ease without being too early for the occasion. For all I care, you can start celebrating for the next Christmas the day after Christmas, just as long as you keep it to yourself without making a big deal of it.