Opinion: All sports should receive equal treatment

Hope Whitney '21, Page Editor

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It is no secret that most male sports get precedent over female sports- especially football. As an athlete, on the girls’ field hockey team and the lacrosse team, I believe my teams have been impacted by this. 

During game day for football, we have not been able to practice on the field, despite it being completely available, we have had to change our practice times and so forth. While this can be frustrating to my coach and my teammates, I somewhat understand why. Football generates more money for the school than any other sport. There’s nothing like a Friday night football game to bring the community together. Nonetheless, we should not be overlooked. 

Practicing at Pierce would be ultimately damaging to our play, as practicing on grass when we play games on turf is not beneficial. While I understand there is limited field availability, I do not think my lacrosse team should have to practice on the overgrown grass at Pierce instead of our groomed turf at South.

My field hockey and lacrosse team both seem to get last pick for practice times- we make our schedule around other sports, such as football and boys’ lacrosse. The athletic department seems to make an effort to diffuse these situations, but it doesn’t seem to be of much help. My field hockey and lacrosse teams still seem to both get last pick for practice times- we make our schedule around other sports, such as football and boys lacrosse.

During my freshman year, I played JV basketball. We were  constantly forced to play our games in the Boll Center gym versus the main gym if there was an overlap with the boys team- even if our games were scheduled first.

This year, with the implementation of Devils Den, the student section for various games was significantly larger. This did not apply to field hockey. Although Devils Den would make posts promoting our games, none of them would actually show up. While I understand field hockey is not as exciting to watch as football or soccer, if a lot of people go to a game, it’s fun. 

Regardless of popularity or sport, each sports team at South should receive equal treatment and benefits. If all sports do, South can improve in all sports, not just focus on being good in one.