“The Game’s Afoot” with the Pointe Players: Sneak peek at the Fall play

Kyle Harrison '22, Staff Writer

The Pointe Players practice in full costume Oct. 28.
Director Meaghan Dunham works with the cast during a practice. Tickets for the show are 8 dollars for students. Photos by Kyle Harrison ’22.

“The Game’s Afoot” this weekend in the auditorium.

South’s Pointe Players will be performing The Game’s Afoot, a murder mystery starting Nov. 7 and going on through Nov. 9. The Fall play is directed by teacher  Meaghan Dunham who is molding this play to perfection with the hard work and effort of the students on stage. 

According to Dunham, all of the students participating in this play are showing great progress and are ameliorating their skills to be prepared for the upcoming play to grab the audience’s attention. Although the actors play the roles in the play there would be no set without the stage crew, making the play what it is and to take the scenes to the next level. 

“The theater that we do here at this point is some of the best theater done on the eastside of Detroit,” Dunham said. “Our students are so talented.” 

The Fall play is a great experience to see a friend on stage putting their heart into their work and going to a well-produced and set up event. The price for admission is 8 dollars for students and seniors and 12 dollars for adults. Tickets can be purchased at the door.

Although the play takes a lot of effort for the actors it could not proceed without the stage crew doing their part in the background making sure the scene is set up and that everyone is ready to go, according to Dunham. Samuel Herman ’20  is the stage manager and is in charge of all the technical aspects of the show–lights, sound and the overall scene of the play.

“I have honed these skills of being able to call these cues, it’s stressful to the point to if I am off, nothing will go right,” Herman said.

 After all of the work in the past eight weeks, the whole cast is very excited to see people come out and support them and are ready for an audience, according to Dunham.

“There’s so many funny moments,” actor Kerrigan Dunham ’21 said. “There’s gags and timing and moments that you’ll just end up dying of laughter.”