Beloved Boudas: Retiring teachers selected as Homecoming Grand Marshalls


The Boudas take the field during the Homecoming game on Sept. 28 to be recognized. Photo by Zach Farrell '21.

Mairin Heimbuch '21, Copy Editor

Every year, a Grand Marshal is chosen to represent Grosse Pointe South High School as an exceptional staff member and role model. This year, students elected social studies teacher Christopher Bouda and science teacher Lisa Bouda to symbolize South during Homecoming season. The Marshals got to ride in the parade on Friday, Sept. 27. 

The voting process involved taking suggestions from all members of SA. The results were narrowed down after one nomination round and two voting rounds until the candidate was appointed, according to SA leader Hayden Barry ’21.

“They got chosen because they’re retiring,” Barry said. “They just seemed to be great teachers for a lot of people and leave an impact on a lot of people’s lives here.”

Lisa Bouda said the Grand Marshals are expected to ride in the parade and participate in the pep assembly.

“Some grand marshals just get introduced and wave, while others talk, like my husband,” Lisa Bouda said. “I never expected to be Grand Marshal.”

According to Christopher Bouda, the idea of retirement surfaces both positive and negative reflections regarding the workload as a teacher.

“When that [retirement] happens, it’ll be difficult,” Christopher Bouda said. “I won’t miss the early get-ups to go to school in the morning and I won’t miss the late hours staying up grading papers, but I will miss the students. It’s always been about the students and that’s what I will remember and that’s what I will miss.”

Lisa Bouda said she enjoys teaching, and the positive aspects outweigh the negative. 

“I really can’t imagine doing anything else besides (teaching),” Lisa Bouda said. “Positively, it lets me share my passion with young people and hopefully get them to like science. Negatively, it is both mentally and physically demanding.” 

Christopher Bouda said there is a lot of pressure to be around very successful teachers and to teach very successful students.

“In the end, the challenge of trying to put forth your best foot every single day always leads to good outcomes,” Christopher Bouda said. “It’s been a pretty good way to live your life.”

According to Barry, both teachers have made a tremendous impact on South, not only for her, but for many others. 

“I had Mr. Bouda as a freshman as well as this year for AP Euro, and he just made the class and learning fun,” Barry said. “He made the transition to high school so much smoother. I didn’t have Mrs. Bouda, but I know that a ton of people loved her and they loved the Canada trip.”

It was an exciting surprise when the news came out that he would be chosen as Grand Marshal, according to Christopher Bouda. It made him feel appreciated and good.

“I must say it feels really good (to be chosen as a Grand Marshal),” Christopher Bouda said. “I never saw that one coming. Quite honestly, the fact that the students themselves would even discuss of having me for the Grand Marshal gives me a very warm feeling inside.”