Opinion: Exceeding expectations at Detroit Shipping’s Momo Cha

Sophia Stann '20, Staff Writer

My whole experience getting lunch at Momo Cha was a lot better than I was expecting. The restaurant is located in the Detroit Shipping Co. building, next to about four other food vendors inside. It was packed with smiling facing buying all types of different food from each vendor. The atmosphere was uplifting and comforting. 

The food from Momo Cha was excellent. Everything was homemade and fresh. These dumplings weren’t suppressed by dough, which is something I appreciated, since sometimes dumplings can have too much dough with little filling. There were multiple types of dumplings to choose from and they did have vegan options available. The options there were snack or meal; a snack came with four dumplings and the meal came with eight. They had different sides as well, such as white rice, fresh veggies and fries. The dumplings were both sweet and savory, and they came with multiple types of dipping sauces, which added more flavor. For entrees, Momo Cha only sells dumplings, but they do have a variety of sides to go with. To choose your dumpling, you start with your choice of protein, chutney and then whether or not you would like it deep-fried. These are homemade Nepalese dumplings and everything comes fresh. With the dumpling being customized to your preference, the meal was more appealing to the customer. The preparation of the food, once placed, was clean and simple; it overall was a good experience with this particular vendor in the building. 

 I would definitely recommend this place to friends and family for a fun place to go downtown to grab lunch. The wait for the food wasn’t bad at all. They give you a pager and you go and find a seat until it rings. The service was fast and the workers were polite. It’s very family-friendly, and has board games placed around the building to keep customers occupied. They had music playing throughout the building which made the atmosphere more lively and enjoyable. With both the food, atmosphere and location being excellent, I would give this place five out of five stars.