Traveling from country to country

Sophia Stann '20, Staff Writer

Anna Stumb spending time with her family in Thailand at the age of 8. Photo courtesy of Anna Stumb.

For as long as she can remember, Anna Stumb ‘20, has had to pick everything up and move for practically her entire life. 

“I was born in Brazil in a small city where my mother grew up, but Brazil didn’t stay as my home for long,” Stumb said. “I remember countless conversations between my parents wondering if it was a good idea or not to pack up and move every so often.”

According to Stumb she moved from Brazil to England, England to China, China back to Brazil, and then lastly Brazil to Grosse Pointe. 

“I never would say I regret moving my whole life because of all the experiences and memories I have gained from my travels that not a lot of people get the chance to experience,” Stumb said. “I have made friends all around the world who I will have with me forever.” 

With her dad having a job that required him to be all over the world, the family moved every couple years to accommodate his profession Stumb said. 

“It was just me, my two parents, and little sister Julia for the longest time, having my family there 24/7 made the moves easier on myself at such a young age,” Stumb said. “Making friends at my age was hard since everyone had their group of friends already, but I always knew I could count on my sister being there.” 

The hardest part for her when dealing with any move to another country was leaving her friends, family and memories she had in her home at the time Stumb explained. 

“I learned at a young age to not hold onto things because I knew I wasn’t going to be there for long, I would settle into my new house with new friends at a new school but I knew not to count on being there for long,” Stumb said. 

Settling into a new country meant new types of friends, school, and culture. According to Stumb there are many different aspects to multiple places and their cultures that she had to become accustomed to. 

“Getting adjusted to how certain people do things around the world was sometimes hard, the way of life and how people do daily things isn’t the same for everyone all over,” Stumb said. 

Entering into early years of middle school, Stumb finally moved to America and found out she was going to be here for the long run. For once in her life she wasn’t going to have to follow her same routine of leaving friends and family behind Stumb said. 

“When I found out that I was moving to America for good I was really excited,” Stumb said. “I was excited that I was going to get to finally settle down in a place and keep my friends and memories with me throughout my middle and high school years.”