Celestial Seniors: Gabi’s outlook

Anna Cornell '21

Anna Cornell '20, Staff Writer

High School is coming to and end when senior year hits; most students only have a couple credits left till graduation, and all leftover time and energy is directed towards college applications. Homecoming week brings a much needed break in the student life to “let go, have fun, not worry about what other people are thinking,” Gabi Moncivais ’20 said. For her the individual spirit days have provided an outlet to express herself through the outfits she created, show her school spirit and celebrate all the hard work the class of 2020 has accomplished. As the years have gone by, she become more acquainted with spirit week, “freshman year [Freshmen Forces] I was a little more conservative with it, but then sophomore year [Site Seeing Sophomores] had the visor and everything, so I was trying t

The celestial seniors can’t be stopped from enjoying their last spirit day. Photo by Anna Cornell.

o be really touristy,” Moncivais said. Following into junior year she wore an entire pirate ensemble in support of the Jolly Roger Juniors. To wrap up her highschool career as a Celestial Senior she went, “all out, as big as I can” with her outfit wearing, “a galaxy skirt, silver leggings and a wig.”