Famous Freshmen: Natalie’s outlook

Anna Cornell '21

Anna Cornell '20, Staff Writer

Freshmen year people try and act the complete opposite way of the stereotype. Instead of running in hallways, they walk. Instead of being a vsco girl, they dress like everyone else. Everything they do is to feel like they belong and not stick out. Therefore, it takes a lot of courage and self confidence to dress up for spirit day more so than everyone else is. For Natalie White ’23 going above and beyond with her outfit was no problem. She planned out everything, “I asked my mom for shirt, I had some blue jeans and then I bought a $10 wig off of amazon.” White was smiling through the entire morning and even the

The Famous Freshmen painted their rock to mimic the famous Hollywood Sign located in California. Photo by Anna Cornell “20.

early start to her day could not phase her excitement. Dressing up as Bob Ross, “because Bob Ross is famous.”