Saddle Up Sophomores: Molly’s outlook

Anna Cornell '20, Staff Writer

Sophomore year being the second year of high school students are more familiar with the way things go. The bell schedule is memorized, classes are easily found and the once terrifying, high school is now regarded as just school. Molly Wysocki ’22 describes spirit day as exciting and overall fun thing students get to partic

The sophomores took on spirit day with a variety of puns. Photo by Anna Cornell

ipate in. Starting out freshman year Wysocki, “wanted to differ” from most and show her school spirit by dressing up. Having the all or nothing mindset the night before decided to, “go all out” on her spirit day outfit.  Along with her sister and friend they, “went as the three blind mice” and accessorized with, “headbands , tails, little plastic sticks.” This year to continue the tradition and to go along with the theme Wysocki is going to transform from a normal high school student to a cowgirl.