Student voice leads to bonfire, better music at homecoming dance

Evie Klepp '22, Copy Editor

Subpar music. A lack of space to relax. An unenthusiastic atmosphere. All were aspects, according to Student Association (SA) advisor Claire Sobolak, that contributed to the substandard space that was Homecoming dance last year.

It became clear to Sobolak after the dance that some changes needed to be made, or the dance attendance would continue to decrease as it has from years past. For her, hearing input from the student body became the main focus in figuring out how to improve the dance. 

Fun new changes are coming to the Homecoming Dance on Semptember 28, 2019. Infographic made by Evie Klepp.

“I knew in order to make change I had to take in student voice,” Sobolak said. “I think that student voice is so important, so I created a survey and collaborated with the class advisors as well just to feel out what parts of Homecoming were the best and what were the least favorites of the students.”

The largest grievance from the majority of students, according to SA treasurer Peter Costello ’20, was the music. Costello said the DJ played too many remixes, not enough real music and a lack of slow songs. 

“A lot of people have said (the music) has been what’s lacking in the past, so we really focused on that. This year I think it’s going to be a lot better,” Costello said. “It’s very hard to find DJs in this area because everyone’s got these kinds of events going on at the same time.”

Other additional changes that were made this year include a theme, which is a first for South.  According to SA dance committee chair Chloe Yonkus ’20, the theme this year will be ‘Starry Night’.

“We are planning on making the school look like a completely different place,” Yonkus said. “We’re going to be putting the black paper over the walls in all the hallways that we’ll be using, and we’re going to put up Christmas lights and star decorations.”

In addition to the ‘Starry Night’ theme, there will be an outdoor lounge with a s’mores bar, a lounge in the gym and a free photo booth. 

“There are going to be a lot more fun, better songs,” Yonkus said. “I’m really excited for a lot of things, it’s going to be really nice.”

To make these changes, SA had to start early last spring, according to Costello. They had to make sure they had all the decorations planned, the DJ was lined up and other things such as a photo booth were ready. Despite the immense amount of work, Costello hopes that these changes will make Homecoming more fun for the student body.

“Gradual changes like this are what’s going to make Homecoming better in the long run,” Costello said. “I’m expecting everyone to have a much better time than the previous years; we’re doing some experimental things and I hope it works out for the best.”