Opinion: The negative negotiation

Meredith Kramer '22, Staff Writer

As summer comes to an end the feeling of school creeps up on people as registration dates come in and fall sports practices start. Walking into school and hearing the groans from students about hard classes, different lunches and being here in general creates a dynamic of school being a place that no one likes. 

There is always this stigma around going to school and being in school. The attitude of it being useless, pointless or overall boring is often conveyed by many students. At least once a class I hear someone say “ I wanna go home” or “This is so boring.” 

Trying to learn in an environment like that makes students who are ready to learn feel out of place and all around nerdy and in my opinion makes teachers feel unappreciated and trying to find ways to make the classroom a more “interesting” place. 

In an article by carrertend.com, it talks about the “consequences of a negative attitude in the workplace. School can be viewed as a workplace and negative attitudes can often affect the other kids learning. The article covers topics on how negative attitudes affect the whole workplace causing people to slack, skip meetings. Get distracted and not focus on the job at hand. This can be reflected in the classroom as students start to form a negative attitude towards learning. 

The classroom should be a place where everyone feels comfortable, inspired and ready to learn. When negativity becomes an obstacle to a student reaching their full potential it can frustrate parents and teachers alike. My mom always tells me to keep my head down and focus but often that can be hard. 

I will admit that some days I would rather sleep in and be able to watch Netflix but I often find myself smiling and excited to learn. Classes can be tough and yes homework is time consuming but I try my best to take it all in. After all when we grow up work isn’t gonna be very different. 

I feel that we need to end this school stigma. We need to be more open to learning, walk into every class with an open mind and walk out of school everyday feeling good. Positive attitudes from teachers and students can improve test scores according to a study done by   Stanford University in an article written by edsource.org. 

So tomorrow, wake up, smile and go into school ready to learn.