To the seniors: Amidst celebrations of future, don’t forget your family


Graphic by Eva McCord '21.

Victoria Gardey '20, Web Editor

It feels like just yesterday I watched as my sisters threw their caps and walked out of high school for the last time. Before I knew it, the summer was over and they were gone.

As senior year arrived for my siblings, we got so wrapped up and excited about the opportunities and future that awaited them it became easy to forget the fact that after nearly 18 years of living with us, they would be leaving.

I guess I sort of knew they would be leaving, but the idea that they would be back over the summers softened the blow a little bit. However, the reality that neither of my sisters have returned over the summers has hit me hard, instead, they only return home to drop off their winter clothes before embarking for the summer.

It never hits me as hard until we get to Christmas or Thanksgiving and I realize that my family hasn’t been all together in months and won’t be back together again until the next holiday several months down the road.

I never imagined I would only see my entire family 3 times a year. It seems just as we will all be back together, someone gets called away to work and we’re left a mere few days to spend together.

As I watch the next class of graduates receive their diplomas and head off to college, I notice that we focus a lot on what’s coming next. It becomes so easy to forget to reflect back on the last 18 years and be thankful for the time we have left with our families. It is so easy to think only about the seniors leaving and forget the families and siblings left behind.

So seniors, as many of you leave your families and homes behind next year, I urge you to never forget where you came from. Call your family and siblings. Make that extra effort to tell your family and friends how much they mean to you. It really will mean something to them.