From the future Online Editor in Chief: Continue tradition, embrace change


Victoria Gardey '20.

Victoria Gardey '20, Web Editor

For 91 years, The Tower has established itself as a beacon of student journalism. For 91 years, we have held ourselves to the highest standards in service to our community. For 91 years, we have given students a voice.

Within those 91 years, our world has also changed immensely. With the rapid advent of technology, The Tower has responded with our online component: The Tower Pulse.

Paper newspapers across the country are struggling to compete with the rapid timeliness of online journalism. Here at The Tower, we love our weekly paper. We are truly unique in publishing an 8 page high school newspaper every week. However, we also recognize the immense breadth of opportunities our website and social media platforms offer in reaching the students of our school.

Since 1928, we have been a weekly tradition in our paper. Next year, I aim to help us also become a daily tradition on the web.

My vision for you, our readers, is to provide the latest news and updates on our school and community. We want The Tower Pulse to be a place where you can turn for reliable breaking news, within hours or days of an event.

I am so thankful for the amazing Editors in Chief of this year, Audrey, Grace, and Henry, who have led the charge in revamping our online components. Their determination and hard work never went unnoticed, and I will miss their guidance tremendously.

It is hard to believe that four years ago I barely knew what Tower was. The news junkie inside of me saw journalism on the list of courses for freshman year and quickly signed up. I couldn’t have imagined then the difference joining Tower would have on my life and shaping me into the person I am today.

Being on Tower has taught me so much about being a part of something bigger than myself. As journalists on one staff, we all have to work to make the paper successful. What would be a paper without page designers? Or photographers? Or writers? Everyone on staff plays an integral role in producing our publication.

To next year’s staff, never discount the contribution you can make. Never settle for subpar work. Being a good journalist means seeking out those hard-to-cover stories and going out of your way to get additional sources. Never be afraid to truly be a reporter. Go to that sporting event instead of just relying on second-hand information. As Edge always says, you can’t be a journalist from behind a computer screen. Never settle for anything less than your best.  

Most importantly, never lose sight of our greater duty as journalists. We are tasked with seeking out the truth and bringing attention to problems. We are to give a voice to those without one. Today’s world needs good journalists who report without their own self-interests in mind. We will be those journalists.

To our fearless advisor, Edge, thank you for believing in me. You have inspired me to grow into the person I am today. I am so grateful for the passion you have kindled in me for journalism and the never-ending support you give to our entire staff. We won’t let you down.

Finally, to you, our readers, continue to place your trust in us. It will not be betrayed. Thank you for your unending support in doing interviews and pushing us as student journalists. Our work would, quite literally, be impossible without you.

I am beyond excited to carry on the legacy of The Tower next year. It is a daunting task, but one I could not be more proud to take on with the most amazing staff imaginable.