Student Film Fest


Anna Cornell

The film lit students are prepared for their films to be shown on May 23rd in the auditorium.

Anna Cornell, Staff Writer

Lights Camera Action.

On May 23, everyone is invited to venture to the auditorium to see the student film fest hosted  by film lit teacher Mr. Monaghan, the film lit teacher, and tv production teacher Mr. Geresy. Festivities will start at 7p.m. . where attendees will view the best content produced by students in the film classes during the entire school year, according to Monaghan.

The event has been running for 15 years now, and runs on a quality over quantity policy. Most of the featured films are short films produced from Monaghan’s classes, but there will also be skits/psa from Geresy’s classes, Monaghan noted.

“(People attending will) see about 20 different short films, and they’ll see a whole variety of things, Monaghan said. “I try to really mix it up with the types of films that are in there, you know, ones that are real thoughtful and serious, and then ones that are just goofy.”

Anywhere from 100-200 people are expected to show up, but anyone who is interested in viewing these films are welcomed to come. The films generally range from three to six minutes long, Monaghan said.

“(Films produced by students in my class) are real heavy on technique. I insist that they use certain techniques like editing techniques, or the way shots are set up from low angles or high angles or the camera movement,” Monaghan said. “With me, it’s all kind of about how they use those devices that we’ve studied in films or, the units that we do in the film class.”

One featured creator is Vince C ’19, whose short film took over two months to film and edit, uses professional equipment to capture shots from an airplane and boat chase, according to Monaghan.

“(Videography) teaches you if want something, you need to actually go and get it. Because making a movie isn’t just sitting down with your friends and making something, there’s so many things that can be factors in it from the weather to people just not being cooperative; it’s just so much time,” C said.

Similarly to C, Ana Sophia Abundis ’20, vice president of the film club and featured creator in the film fest, acknowledged how little most people know about what goes into the making of any film and the goal of the film fest is inlighten people of the work behind the scenes while also giving recognition to those creators whose work is featured. This is the first time both C and Abundis’ work have been put on display for more than just family and friends.

“Everybody who got in has amazing films, and not all films that are made in the Monaghan’s class are actually put into the film festival,” Abundis said.  “He selects the best ones that were submitted to go into the festival.”