My view: how the Mueller report pushes a new importance

Eva McCord '21, Graphics Manager

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Upon the release of the redacted Mueller report on April 18th, the collective political climate has found itself in the metaphorical port of the storm, raising questions about the legitimacy of our government and the role of authority.  The report, spawned from controversy regarding President Trump’s possible use of Russia interference during the 2016 election, was received as a wake-up call for the nation on modern politics— and where we go next.

Although the report found no criminal conspiracy between the president and Moscow— a topic surrounding the 2016 election— from the report rises a new debate topic: how the future generations of adults are to interpret our government, as well as the importance of proactiveness as a society.  This same idea can be found in almost any major modern political event as teenagers begin to approach adulthood and newfound privileges.

As a student, there is a level of responsibility I feel as though falls on the younger members of society to remedy the wrongs of those before us.  As we flip through the news and cycle through channels, we are preparing to be the newest wave of voters and America’s youngest citizens in what is largely considered to be a new era in modern politics.  This being said, in terms of politics, our individual integrities must be upheld.

Though our values may differ, the foundation they are built upon are very similar; with experiences new and distinct from previous generations, we are all in search of acknowledgement and action.  Facing the world before us requires us to have a strong grasp on the world around us— and a willingness to address both strengths and indiscretions.

We can view these current times as either national turmoil or catalysts for change; the future is dictated by our interpretations of this fact.  Teenagers, stuck between being aware of the world around and being too young to vote, should use these crucial times as opportunities to determine our opinions and how we wish to seek compromise.

Absent political parties, labels and affiliations, our goal as a society must always be to properly accommodate one another in order to function; as issues grow more complex, the urgency for solutions increase.  Observing the faults of systems, others and ourselves with a careful eye is the true way to ensure that tomorrow is better and more just than today.

Ultimately, in times of discourse, our honesty and understanding must be placed above all.