My View: ‘Old-Fashioned’ Market Tour at the Newly Renovated Village Market

Emma Rowady, Guest Writer

The ‘Village Market’, previously known as the ‘Village Food Market,’ offers a several old-fashioned, delivery, and specialized products with its new, progressing, and definitely improved renovation.

    Located on Mack Ave in Grosse Pointe Farms, the market that has been in business since 1938 is a wonderful place for families to shop for high quality food.

    Though the place is still in the process of the renovation and the outside is not in its final form, anyone who had been to the Village Food Market a couple of years ago can see the difference. It is now taking up the old ‘Preferred Cleaners,’ making the store now a whole city block.

    Though owner, Jacob Garmo, and architect, John Vitale still have big plans ahead for the store, the work that has already been done is extremely impressive.

    As soon as you walk in, you are met with greeted visible floors and a big open area. The area lit up with enormous windows that are covered with beautiful design work.

      The ceiling seemed 12 feet taller, which is honestly could’ve been. It looked and felt brighter, almost glowing.  The more open space, the vibrant foods, the big windows, and the busy energy all worked as a team to do so.

      The vibrant fresh produce especially caught my attention, but my eyes immediately found the bakery in the back. The smells of all the varieties of fresh food made me feel confident about this place within the first few seconds.

    As I turned the corner, I instantly see how much bigger the market has really become. Almost the entire back wall is lined with cheeses, meats, seafood, prepared meals, and more.

While the store is still undergoing work, and there is clearly a section that is being worked on, it did not take away from the scenery whatsoever.

    What I appreciate most is its recognition and selling of old-fashioned and farm fresh products. They have the Bill Knapps old-fashioned dunkers, which I bought, went home, ate all of, and will soon buy more of.

    At this point they had captivated my heart with the specialized options, but I had begun to notice a couple of things: the limited options and the high prices.

Although almost fifty percent higher prices are not ideal, I am not too bothered by it. Since the options that are available are unique, the food really does seem to be high quality, the employees are always happy to help, and they do claim to be a gourmet food market.

    I will definitely shop here again. I have already planned my next trip. So if you think that high prices are worth the high quality food, I wholeheartedly recommend.