Grosse Pointer brings Detroit deep dish pizza to Wayne State


Greg Detkowski

The outside of Shields Pizza in Midtown. Photo by Craparotta.

Salvatore Craparotta '20, Staff Writer

What goes around, comes around. One of Detroit’s favorite deep dish pizzerias, dating back to the 1950s, is coming to Midtown Detroit on the Wayne State Campus. Norman Mourad, a Grosse Pointer, bringing back to where it all started.

“We think it is really unique. We are right on the corner of Warren and Woodward, really unique to be right on Wayne State’s campus,” Mourad said. “We just feel like we are in a really great spot. Midtown is starting to really boom, and we are really excited to be a part of it.”

Not only the location is unique, the pizza is as well. Mourad said Shield’s Pizza stands out compared to the competitors.

“It is original deep dish square with homemade dough made everyday, and several of the pizzas, they put the pepperonis right on top of the dough instead of on top of the cheese,” Mourad said. “Not all of them are made that way, but that is one of the unique things about some of the pizzas, it is very cool, they call it the original square Detroit deep dish.”

In order to make the new location stand out, Mourad is working with  well known metro Detroit architecture firm, Ron and Roman, according to

“I think what is really unique about it is Ron and Roman are the designers, and if you go on their Facebook page, you will see a lot of cool things like the chandeliers and the lighting,” Mourad said. “They are doing a lot of unique things to make the building look cool.”

According to Mourad, he believes that Shield’s is in the perfect location at the perfect time with the rebirth of Detroit.

“We are obviously going to cater to the students, and we are in the building that is called the Maccabees Building,” Mourad said. “There are 14 floors, and there are 500 faculty and graduate students in our building alone, so we will be catering a big population of the Wayne State family, and of course all of the millenials around us. People are moving to and our excited to be part of downtown now, so there is a lot of housing around us and condos, and we want to entertain and be part of the revival of Detroit.”

Not only will Shield’s be appealing to students and faculty at Wayne State, but students at South are also looking forward to see what it is all about, according to Matt Fabry ‘20.

“I will definitely be telling my friends about Shield’s,” Fabry said. “I know the Mourads and I am excited to go down there with friends and check it out.”