Spring fashion: simple pieces to dress up any closet

Sarah Stevenson '19, Web Editor

Embroidered sweatshirts

Not only are fashionable sweatshirts great for the weather transition between winter and spring, but this clothing item adds a simple, yet necessary detail to any outfit. By pairing an embroidered sweater or sweatshirt with simple pieces, it can easily dress up the look in an instant. In addition, embroidered flowers on clothing items are fitting for this upcoming season. This type of item can be found at stores such as H&M, Madewell and Target.

Black flare jeans

Straying away from the normal blue skinny jeans, black cropped or flare jeans add a special touch to any ensemble. Not only does black go with nearly everything, but black and gray jeans seem to make an outfit appear less casual. In addition, cropped flare jeans can be quite comfortable as they seem to have more room than the regular skinny jean. Today, these types of jeans can be found at most places ranging in price. Some stores carrying this item include Old Navy, GAP and Nordstrom.



Small, chunky hoop earrings

A small, yet essential for this spring are hoop earrings. This type of jewelry has become especially popular in 2019, and this trend doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. Hoop earrings range in a variety of sizes, from small and dainty to a larger hoop. This accessory adds an effortless touch to any look, and can be paired with a multitude of pieces. Depending on the material and quality of the earrings, hoop earrings can range from $4 to $30.

Loose fitted, small-detailed tops

Although loose fitting, boho-like tops are a staple for the summer, this type of piece is fantastic for the spring as well. In addition, there are a variety simple blouses that have small details that make the shirt look incredibly cute. Details such as ruching and buttons can add so much to a seemingly plain top. This type of clothing can be found at Madewell, American Eagle and Everlane.




Square neck tops

One of the many fashion trends that has come back in style are square neck blouses. These types of shirts have a more defined neckline compared to a simple round neck. In addition, these blouses usually have some embroidery or eyelet details, which makes this piece even more fitting for the spring weather. This clothing item can be found at Urban Outfitters and Target.

Fun belts

Printed belts have been on the uprise throughout this year thus far, and it seems this trend will stick around for the spring season. Belts with small details, designs or prints can be paired with a variety of pieces: black pants, jean skirts, dresses, etc. Belts can make an outfit look more “fitted” and also add a hint of color or texture. Prints that have been especially popular include cheetah, speck, cow and many others. Some places to purchase belts include H&M, Forever 21 and even Amazon.

Fashion sunglasses

This type of accessory is great for this time of year. By adding a cute, fashionable pair of sunglasses, they can dress up any look. There are a multiple designs, patterns and styles, some include sparkles, bright colors, and fun prints. In addition, most sunglasses are fairly inexpensive and can be easily replaced if lost or broken. However, depending on the brand, trendy sunglasses can range anywhere from $7 to $120.



Beaded jewelry

Beaded jewelry is perfect for the warmer weather; this type of accessory adds a boho-like feel to an outfit. Not only can you purchase beaded jewelry at a variety of shops, but it’s also quite easy to make your own beaded piece. In addition, wearing something that you customized and made yourself makes your look more unique and special. Beaded bracelets, necklaces and even rings range from $10 to $100, while beads can be found at stores such as JoAnn Fabrics and Michael’s for around $1.50 a pack.

Joggers with jean jacket

As the school year winds down, it gets tremendously difficult to put together a great outfit for school when all you may want to do is throw on a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Luckily, there are many ways to make a comfy outfit appear more put together. By pairing a jean jacket with joggers (fitted sweatpants), a previously relaxed-looking attire transforms into a cute, yet comfortable outfit. In addition, wearing a light jean jacket is perfect for the change in seasons; theses types of jackets make adjusting your clothing to the weather extremely simple. Jean jackets and joggers can be found at a wide range of stores, including H&M, GAP and UNIQLO.

High top sneakers / trainers

While the spring weather is not quite warm enough to slip on a pair of sandals, trainers and high-top sneakers are great footwear to replace the hefty boots worn throughout the winter. These types of shoes are extremely comfortable, and make an outfit appear more “sporty” by adding a tennis-like-shoe. There are a variety of styles when it comes to sneakers, ranging from “lifestyle” sneakers, featuring a thick shoe bottom, to more fashionable sneakers with pops of color and a light-weight design. These types of shoes can be found at New Balance, Gola, Veja and many other shops.