New movie displays the importance of female empowerment in the workplace

Julia Ambrozy '20, Page Editor

What Men Want is a classic twist on the original film What Women Want released in the 2000. It is a romantic comedy that takes the viewers through a journey of a successful business woman and her struggles of being the only woman in a workplace full of men.

The main character Ali Davis, played by Taraji P. Henson, does a very good job at portraying a strong individual who knows how to get her work done, even if she is being discriminated against. Ali Davis starts out very confident that she will be receiving a big promotion at work, but once things don’t go her way, she starts to lose that confidence because she is accused of not understanding what men want.

At a bachelorette party Davis gets a reading from a psychic that then gives her tea that lets her hear the thoughts of men. While discovering her new power, Davis realizes she can use it to her advantage at work. Davis then gets ahead in the world of sports management, but gets herself into trouble when she gets her love interest into the mix. Soon things backfire and Davis learns her lesson that she can’t always understand men and everything they need unless she is true to herself.

Once Davis uses the lesson that is given to her she figures out what she needs and how to fix what she got herself into, and things start to look up for her not only in work but in her personal love life as well. The movie is very light hearted and lets the viewer go through a series of plot twists, but also shows the importance of women empowerment in the workplace.