Cannelle, a Detroit bakery, attracts new customers with stellar pastries

Sumner Verlinden '20, Staff Writer

I recently visited Cannelle by Matt Knio located at 45 West Grand River, just one block from downtowns shopping district on Woodward.

My first thought when I arrived there was shock. The outside of the building is so grand but simple, which I assume pulls many customers inside. The inside of the bakery was really simple, but still had touches of decoration that really stood out to me. They had vases with real flowers in them at every table and really pretty chandeliers around the bakery.

I was really impressed with the service. The woman that helped me order was really kind and they also had many options to choose from which was hard for me. After you order, they bring everything to you which I think is really different from any bakery I’ve ever been to.

For myself, I ordered a lemon tart and four macaroons. The lemon tart had a really amazing presentation and also amazing taste. I could tell it is made fresh every day with real lemons.  The first bite I took I was immediately impressed because the crust was not very crunchy and the filling inside was really smooth and creamy. Usually when people think of lemon flavor, they think of sour but this tart was very sweet but still had a sour taste to it. The macaroons were very moist and fluffy. Usually when I eat macaroons, they are a little crunchy and hard but the macaroons from Cannelle were very soft and airy. Also the flavors were vanilla, lime, grape, and strawberry. I was really impressed by how rich and fresh the flavors were.

Overall I rate Cannelle five out of five stars. The service, setting, and food were amazing. I recommend going there is you  have a sweet tooth or even enjoy trying new places. The location is also amazing because it’s in the center of downtown right by many popular stores.