Bit by bit new additions are added to CTE classrooms

Brooklyn Northcross '20, Page Editor

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Classroom environments are receiving new updates in order to prepare students for their potential future careers.

According to business teacher Erin Moretz, the business classes are all a part of the Career and Technical Education program affiliated with the state of Michigan.


The classroom has made many updates to improve the environment; new computers is the second phase of updating Moritz said.

“Not only will the new computers increase the speed at which they operate, this will enable students to pick up their computers to team up with other students around the classroom when we do group work,” Moretz said.

Moritz added the class is planning to purchase new furniture next year to reconfigure the layout of the classroom. Her goal is to prepare students for the workforce as much as possible.

“The workplace space is moving away from individual offices into a more collaborative setting for their employees,” Moretz said. “Our goal is to mimic this setting while still being able to teach in a classroom.”

According to Television and Video Production teacher Stephen Geresy, the TV Production program at South became a certified CTE program in 2016.

“The whole initiative started with Governor (Rick) Synder,” Geresy said. “He put an emphasis on career and technology. Their goal is to create experiences within the classroom that emulate what a career might look like with career-grade equipment.”

Being a part of the CTE program entails funding from the state which enables students to use technology that is relevant in the field today. The TV Production program uses the same video switcher as big companies such as ESPN and WDIV Local 4 News, according to Geresy.

“It allows the students to create an environment where they’re using equipment, and that when they walk out of high school, they could be using in the field,” Geresy said. “It may not be on the exact same scale, but they are using the same concepts.”

According to Colleen Morris ’19, a TV production student of five years, the TV production program often gets new technology and software.

“It is a unique experience. A lot of people don’t have the money to afford their own technology because the equipment is thousands and thousands of dollars,” Morris said. “Having the equipment in the classroom helps prepare those who want to go into the field in the future because they can get exposure.”

Geresy said the CTE program at South is specifically aiming to enhance the experience and prepare them for their futures.

“State funding is a cool benefit when it comes to being a recognized program. Without that funding source and being apart of the program, we would be really doing a disservice to our students because our learning equipment would be behind our times.”