The new Science Olympiad causes a reaction

Ava Mitchell '20, Web editor

A new addition has been recently added to South’s plethora of extra-curricular activities: a Science Olympiad team. Created by Tiffany Nakai ’19, this is the team’s first year together, and their results have exceeded expectations.

A Science Olympiad is a national competition for high schoolers to compete against other schools with their science olympiad team, and to challenge and test knowledge over a broad range of science topics, according to Nakai.

“(The events) range from building events to test-based events… they use Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology,” Science Olympiad team adviser and science teacher Shelly Rothenbuhler said.

According to Nakai, the team has been to two invitationals so far; the first was on Jan. 12, and the second on Feb. 3. They are also attending the regional competition on Mar. 23.

“The most recent competition was significantly more difficult than the first one, in my opinion,” Nakai said. “Overall, our entire team got eighth out of 25th, which is significantly better than how we did on our first invitational.”

Rothenbuhler attributes much of the teams early success to “how they help each other”, and how determined everyone is to learning.

“I really like the unity (of Science Olympiad),” Abigail Baerman ’19 said. “We’re all really close, and we’re really good friends who are willing to help each other.”

Nakai and Baerman may be seniors, but they hope South’s Science Olympiad team continues to improve even after they graduate.

“The goal is to keep carrying this on throughout the years, to make this a legacy, and keep on improving for a long time,” Baerman said.