Better Health gets an upgrade

Anna Ludvigsen '20, Staff Writer

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Walking into a spacious area with fresh aromas and clean produce gives shoppers a reason to come back to a grocery store. This is exactly what the new Better Health store offers to its customers, and it doesn’t stop there.

Better Health, a Novi-based health food store, allows people the opportunity to try a diverse choice of diets; with vegan, keto, and paleo options. It’s known for its wide variety of natural supplements, and sells non-dairy, low fat, or low carb foods in its stores. Many of their products are said to be “all natural”, containing ingredients that are whole and derived from the earth.

At the previous Better Health location on Mack Avenue, the space was cramped, the variety of produce was small, and the atmosphere was not welcoming. When walking into the new Better Health store, customers are greeted by a staff who is knowledgeable of their products, and are clearly educated on the benefits of all of their health foods. The store makes a positive impression with friendly service, allowing shoppers to feel comfortable while shopping for their everyday needs.

Photo by Anna Ludvigsen ’20.

A noticeable difference in Better Health’s facility is the new cafe located in the back of the store. It offers customers prepared foods, sandwiches, burgers, and most appropriately, wholesome smoothies. They sell fresh juices and wheatgrass shots, which are known to cleanse the body and digestive system. Displayed near the cafe counter is a array of baked sweets, many that are paleo, which excludes dairy and processed foods from the diet. Their smoothies seem to be slightly overpriced for their taste, but the quality of their ingredients outweighs the price and flavor. Also, included nearby the cafe is a long stretch of fresh salad makings, laid out buffet style. Whether shoppers prefer burgers or a healthy smoothie, the cafe gives them options of all kinds.

The bulk foods section of the store is stocked with nuts, dried fruits, sweets, granolas, and legumes of all kinds. Shoppers are given the opportunity to bag their own food if they choose to avoid processed foods in containers. The variety of bulk foods is much larger from the previous stores’ location, along with bulk sweets, which includes yogurt or chocolate covered pretzels, fruits, and nuts. They also give customers the ability to grind their own almond or peanut butter, which was disappointing only because those are the only nuts available to grind.

Better Health has always been loved for its wide range of foods. Whether dairy free, gluten free, or vegan, all shoppers are given a pleasant experience when buying groceries, especially those who have specific preferences and needs. The stores improvement is definitely noticeable, and they even host different events from PCB informational lectures, to keto diet seminars. Even the hours of the store have lengthened, just another convenience the store provides. Better Health not only offers foods to buy for home or eat in the store, but education on health from the staff and special events. The new and improved store is definitely one worth visiting.

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