Winter choir competition commencing soon


South's choir will put on their "Winter Spectacular" concert on Jan. 31. Photo by Tara Cole '21.

Tara Cole '21, Staff Writer

In order to kick off their competition season, all of South’s choirs will perform at the “Winter Spectacular” show on Thursday, Jan 31.


The Spectacular takes place at the school’s stage and is the show where the choirs demonstrate what they will be taking to competition this year, according to choir director Christopher Pratt.


According to Pratt, the choirs have been working on these songs since as early as the end of summer, and the show will include much variety within the performances.


“One of our performances is a tap number, one is a period piece from the Victorian era, and we’re also doing a ballad which is just standing and singing,” Pointe Singer Evelyn Pacifici ’19 said. “Another interesting thing we’re doing this year is we actually built a Model T car that will go on stage as we sing about Henry Ford.”


Pacifici said  this show is what truly helps them become prepared for their future competitions in February and March.


“We have rehearsal everyday for the Winter Spectacular which truly helps prepare us because after running the set so many times it gets much easier, and at competition we have to be prepared for anything,” Pacifici said


Looking forward to the competitions, Pointe Singer Hannah Thompson said the competitions truly help inspire and allow the choir to see other schools’ performances.


“It’s always really cool to see other schools’ costumes and what they’re working on and kind of how we stand apart from that,” Thompson said.


Not only do the choirs get to watch other schools, according to Pacifici, the competitions allow for a great bonding experience between the South students as well.


“I love to be able to hang out with my choir friends and get ready to go on stage with each other,” Pacifici claimed. “It actually can be pretty nerve-racking, so to have friends there with me really makes the experience a lot of fun.”