Aquaman sinks to sea floor

Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

Max Simonson '21, Page Editor

Once again, a DC movie disappoints me and fails live up to the anticipation and excitement of the DC universe. “Aquaman” was filled with corny one-liners, unrealistic special effects and terrible graphics. The costumes were too cartoonish for liking, but the fight scenes were action packed and suspenseful.

The movie starts in a terrible storm in Maine in which Aquaman’s parents meet. It’s a cliché love story as the father nurses the mother back to health, they fall in love and then have a child. This story line doesn’t sound terrible, but the execution was awful and not significant enough in the movie. This rushed beginning made me quickly lose hope and I began to dread my decision of the trip to the theatres.

In the first taste of a fighting scene, Aquaman comes to save an invaded submarine where armored men were attacking innocent people. There were at least three corny one-liners that received nothing more than awkward sympathy laughs from the theatre.

Even thought this scene was unbearable and hard to watch, it posed for a possible turning point with conflict and tension on the rise. The setting changes back to Aquaman’s home town as he attempts to escape a massive tsunami in his father’s truck. This was a warning shot from the leaders of Atlantis that sent a decades worth of pollution back to shore and destroyed war ships.Rather than rebounding to make up for the lack luster introduction for the movie, the film digs itself a deeper hole and creates major logistical issues.

Aquaman was now faced with an ethical dilemma– would he stay as solo crime-fighter that takes on small missions and acts of kindness, or would he take his right to the throne of the ocean and bring peace to both land and sea? Not surprisingly decides to take on the challenge and save the day. To make this mission possible, he must find the strongest trident of the sea that belonged to the former king of the ocean. This hunt takes him to the coast of Italy where, ironically, nothing is damaged, even though the Earth was just hit with the biggest tsunami known to man. He has a face off there with the least scary villain I’ve ever seen in any superhero movie. This bug-eyed freak had a costume straight out of the Power Rangers.

Now, there are some positives to this movie, even though they were overshadowed by the awful scenes leading up them. The end of “Aquaman” has a huge fight scene between all the people of Atlantis and it was epic, to say the least. It was as if the producers spent all their time and resources on this scene only and forgot about the rest of the film.

Another positive is the reuniting of Aquaman and his mother. It wasn’t all great, though.He finds her in a terrible crab-like costume that almost put a damper on the scene. This moment was heartwarming and fun to watch because you can actually feel the connection between the two. It was one of the few scenes during the movie that actually connected with the audience. It was so nice to see a mother and son reconnect on the big screen.

Overall, this movie was a huge let down of what it could be. From terrible costumes to awful comedy, the movie was hard to watch. The rare scenes in the movie that were actually good were followed by disappointment right around the corner. I would not recommend watching this film, and I’ll Rate it at a 2.5 out of 5 stars.