Tower’s holiday fashion picks

Sarah Stevenson '19, Web Editor

Patterned socks

This accessory can add color or pattern to any outfit. These socks can be anywhere from ankle to crew, and are perfect to wear with any simple clothing pieces. They are great to pair with boots or a solid-colored pair of sneakers. Fun, patterned socks can be found almost anywhere; some stores that sell these kinds of socks include Madewell, Gap, American Eagle and Urban Outfitters. They can range anywhere from $2 to $15.



Colorblock has been quite popular throughout 2018, and it’s a great fashion trend to carry on into the holidays. Almost all types of clothing can be found in colorblock, such as sweaters, jeans, t-shirts and shoes. Pieces that are colorblock can be simple, such as black and white, or they can have a mix of colors. Depending on the store and the material of the clothing piece, colorblock items have a wide range of prices. Some stores that sell colorblock items include Old Navy, Madewell and ASOS.





This holiday fashion trend is great for the cold, winter weather. By wearing a striped turtleneck underneath a sweater or dress, it can add texture and color to a seemingly simple outfit. There are many ways to layer clothing, and even jewelry, since mix-matching clothing has been quite popular throughout this year.


Puffy coats

Another holiday fashion piece, puffer coats, can also spice up any outfit. These types of coats come in a variety of materials and styles, such as velvet, corduroy, parka-like and short. These types of coats are perfect for the winter since they can be both stylish and keep you warm. They can be found at many stores and range in price, such as $19 at Forever 21 to $150 at Nordstrom.



Velvet is a great material for the holidays; it comes in lots of colors, clothing pieces and styles. Pairing a velvet top with a simple pair of pants, or skirt, can dress up any outfit. This holiday staple can add texture and also make your attire pop. In addition, velvet has been especially popular; there are now tops, tees, pants and shoes that come in this cool material. Prices for these types of items range from $12 to $60, and can be found at an assortment of stores.


Fun hats

Want to make a statement? Adding a cool, festive hat to any outfit can be unique and interesting. Hats like berets, baker boys and pom-pom beanies can add something extra to any holiday attire. In addition, some beanies have detachable pom-poms so you can change the color of the hat based on the rest of your outfit. This holiday piece can be found at Target, Madewell and ASOS. Depending on the style and material of the hat, prices can range from $10 to $45.




Gold + silver

A holiday classic, gold and silver clothing pieces and jewelry are perfect for this time of the year. These types of pieces can polish off an outfit by completing the look, and can add extra sparkle to any attire. Gold, dainty star jewelry has been quite popular throughout 2018, so these types of pieces would be great for the holiday season.


Multicolored faux fur

Colorful faux fur has been seen throughout this year, and can add a pop of color to any outfit. Many stores sell vests, coats and even sweaters that are made of faux fur. By adding a piece like this, it can tie a whole look together. Depending on the store, this holiday clothing item can range from $20 at H&M to $130 at Banana Republic.





In 2018, corduroy has made a comeback and it’s perfect for the holiday season. Many stores, such as Nordstrom, Madewell and Forever 21, sell a variety of corduroy items. There are pants, skirts and overalls that come in this stylish material. These types of clothing pieces come in a wide range of colors as well, so they can be styled in multiple ways. Overall, corduroy is a great fashion trend that will make a holiday outfit even better.