Wishing South students had a longer winter break

Julia Ambrozy '20, Page Editor

Throughout all my years of going to school I have always looked forward to the school breaks, especially our Christmas break.  It has always been a time for me to have lots of time off of school to hangout with my friends and family, and have fun during the Christmas season, and my birthday, New Years Eve.  Those two weeks in the winter were my favorite time of the year and I always had the most fun, but now, the break has been cut short for the past few years, and many people I know, including me, have been unhappy about it.

Reflecting back on the one year we had our winter break, and the Sunday before returning, we had three extra snow days added onto that, I often hear people saying, “Maybe we can get those three extra snow days again,” or “I hope it snows enough so we have snow days and we don’t have to go back to school”.  This shows there is a majority of us that want our two week Christmas break back. For me, this break is the time where all my closest friends who have gone off to college come back, and I finally get to see them after weeks or even months of not seeing them, so this is the time where I want to spend as much time with them as I can. But while I’m still in school for a week, they are all  sitting at home waiting around until I get out of school so we can see each other, which can be annoying for them.

If we were to keep our long break, I do understand  we would have to get rid of our mid-winter break which would make some people angry because like them, I know I would need that break in between the winter months because that’s a long stretch of days to go to school without any breaks besides the weekends. They don’t give us enough of a break from our seven hour long school days, and the strenuous studying on top of that.

Having to give up that one break in February would not be something I would personally want to give up, so I think  there are not as many negatives as giving up a few days to our longer winter break. Looking at it from someone’s perspective of wanting to get rid of the two week break and make it shorter, it does give us more time in school to get stuff done and not fall behind.  Also, some people I know don’t do anything the week before Christmas, they just sit around and wait for Christmas to come. So for me, while we complain a lot about it being shortened, it’s not the end of the world, and we will eventually get over it. But I know I can say that me and many other people feel the same way about our newly shortened Christmas break, and that is,  we wish we could have our full two weeks, and not get rid of the mid-winter break, but unfortunately, that is not how our school system works, and we must sit in school for one more week until we are set free to celebrate the holidays with our friends and family.