WingSnob is the answer to lack of quality local food

Daniel Klepp '20, Staff Writer

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One of the decorations inside of Wing Snob.

The front counter and menu, which offers items like “Snobby Q” and lemon pepper wings.

The front of the restaurant, which is located just outside of Grosse Pointe on Cadieux. Photos by Daniel Klepp ’20

WingSnob is a takeout-style wing restaurant on Cadieux that shares a border with East English Village High School. It has two locations, Detroit and Livonia, and plans to open two more in the near future. With its proximity to Grosse Pointe and quality food, it is nothing short of a godsend.

Grosse Pointe is notoriously plagued with a lack of quality local food at a low price and WingSnob should be the future cure. While technically not in Grosse Pointe, it’s close enough that the distance traveled is negligible, and it is truly worth the trek.

The restaurant itself is small, the only seating is bar-style along the outskirts of the location, but in this case, bigger is not better.  It has a superb interior and exterior design that makes it all the more inviting for those driving by. Whenever I found myself driving to I-94, I could feel myself salivating when I drove by.

Everything is made to order, but expect whatever you order to be hot. I ordered half lemon pepper and half “Snobby-Q” sauce wings, with a side of “Hot AF” sauce.  The chicken itself is of outstanding quality, providing a crisp crunch without the meat being dry.

The lemon pepper dry rub on the wings had an enticingly tangy flavor, which was complimented the clarified butter that was also on the wings.  While the “Hot AF” sauce does not quite live up to its name, it did a good job of adding some needed heat to the lemon pepper wings.

The “Snobby-Q” wings were flat-out excellent. The sauce was WingSnob’s take on a sweet barbecue sauce, and it exceeded all expectations I had going in. It combines slight heat with prominent smoky and sweet profiles, making for a phenomenal experience, which was also heightened by the “Hot AF” sauce.

Not only were the wings of supreme quality, but their cajun fries were some of the best I’ve had in my life.  They were crispy, yet fluffy as could be, and their cajun seasoning was not overpowering, something I’ve seen often in cajun fries.

The only gripe I had with WingSnob was merely the design on one of their walls. It displayed the dictionary definition of the word “snob”, which is a design trend in restaurants that needs to die off, preferably sooner than later. It is almost excusable for restaurants named after something that is slang or not well known, but “snob” is a relatively common word, and to have its definition lazily plastered on a wall and passed off as a legitimate design is outright lazy. This being said, the rest of the interior design more than makes up for it.

But overall, WingSnob was an excellent experience and with modest pricing, should be a hit among those looking for something new to eat in the area.

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