Detroit brings the holiday season to the downtown area

Olivia Mlynarek '19, Web editor

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Located in downtown Detroit across the street from the bright and colorful Campus Martius Park, the Holiday Pop Up Shops are something unique to the holiday season. The Cadillac Square Holiday Pop Up Shops are one of the many highlights of the holiday spirit in downtown Detroit. I had never been to these shops before and I thought they were simply adorable.

At first glance, the rows of shops that lined Cadillac Square were different than any other festivity I had seen downtown before. All around the shops and in the square were many holiday plants lined with bows and ornaments. String lights were hung above the shops to add to the holiday spirit that was all around.

Each shop I ventured inside had a different theme than the one next to it. There was one with all Michigan themed items like Michigan shaped mittens with all the major towns on them. One shop had vintage clothing perfect for the winter months.

The design of the shops was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I thought the appearance of the shops made them stand out and overall made them attract more people. I was definitely curious as to what would be inside from the small glass cube-like structures. I thought to enter and leaving each shop was as fun as looking at the items inside. I liked the sliding doors that sealed each shop and were simple to open and close. I liked how the shops were arranged. It was convenient to go from the next shop to the next because they were lined perfectly in two rows across from each other.

The little pop-up shops provide a small space for businesses to advertise their goods.

There were so many adorable items that would make perfect gifts for anyone. From original jewelry pieces to decorative stationery and socks, these little shops had it all!

I was shocked at the number of things that I saw when I entered each different shop. For the small amount of space inside, every inch of each shop was filled with goodies.

I was surprised at how many people wanted to browse and visit the row of shops. I think that what people like about the Pop Up Shops is not only their cute little appearance but the fact that they have quality items that would make anyone smile.

The pop-up shops were a perfect place to get into the holiday spirit and are a destination everyone should visit downtown during the holiday season!